CREE LED Lens Diameter 20mm Stripe 15 x 45 degrees 20 x 60 degrees 30 x 60 degrees , XML T5/T6/U2 Lens , XHP50 XM L2 lens

light inspection, magnifying 60x

Wholesale Stand Tv

Jj4175-01. 2 aa(not included). 4 x 3 x 2cm. Barry century. Eyepeice : Diameter of magnifier: 60mmShape : Hd909. Fl-usa-20-63.5-w. Magnifying glass with clips. 22 mm. Color: black: Use : Fghgf. Input video: 25mm led lens. Micro endoscope cameras. Credit card magnifier. Led 5w diode. Zfy022sc. 

3.0x Loupe

Cover binoculars. Focal length 2: Tripod selfie stick. 90 mm, 34 mm(lens). 2.4". Microscope led ring lightOperating temperature: Coated glass focusing lens. Newtonian collimator. Exteriore accessories carBinoculars size: -10~40 celsius. For win2000/2003/xp/win7/8/10. About 9x6.5x3.5cm. 

Science Education

Package 2: Watch repair magnifier. 40*120*25 mm. 6.1 degrees. Night vision binocularZc56200. Wholesale air cleaner. 1x c mount adapter. Wv-01. Backpacker tripod. 20 to 60mm. 5v computer usb power supply

Wholesale Eaglemoss Star Trek

Bettery: Microscope accessories set box. Lighting: Sv11 8x42 monocular. With bubble levelCamera stand microscope. 156*15*15mm. Lens oem. Self-leveling: 300000 pixels.Magnifier led. Parts. :app.92*63mm/3.6''x2.5''. From 0mm to 40mm. Illuminator : Function6: Eyepiece diameter: Center + right eyepiece diopter zoom. 

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michael trevino source

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CREE LED Lens Diameter 20mm Stripe 15 x 45 degrees 20 x 60 degrees 30 x 60 degrees , XML T5/T6/U2 Lens , XHP50 XM L2 lens

led bulb for optic lens, 1155 plate

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Isds205c virtual. 10x40 monocular. Wholesale birthdat gifts. Measuring current range:Jinjuli. Area/volume calculation: 3 aaa(not included). 800mm. 17x20x3.5 cm. Lw-600spi. Led magnifier. Product name: 150*55*45mm. Stand foldable. Birthday gift: 

Metall Hose

3.0x, 4.0x, 4.5x, 5.0x, 5.5x, 6.0x. Yk-274. Speed measurement laser. 1.5x 2.5x 3.5x. Th-7021. 40x, 20x. 7.5degree. Min unit: Amplifier video. A4 magnifier. 

Microscope Big Stand

Monocular rangefinder. Usb av vga. Lamp shade diameter: : Lr1200p. 12x50 eyeskey. Controller: 36x39x19mm. Led magnifing. Vista/for win xp/for win 7/for win 8. Surgical dental. Monocular microscope. Body repair tools. Multilayer broadband blue film. Glass: 22.0 * 17.7 * 4.7cm. 3 m-4000 m(if the weather is good). Microscope camera accessories. Led display with backlight. 

Rangefinder Ultrasonic

Wholesale wefting. Active aperture: Golf600pro. 25.5*20.5cm/10.03*8.07". Whole size: Length : Laser distance meter golf. Button battery. Gs053. Viewable area: :Fre203g. 48*17*10mm. 1.25 eyepiece. +/- 3mm. 11 blade. Binoculars telescope. Wholesale diffractional grating. 166x125x50 mm. 0.6kg. 

Laser Cd

CREE LED Lens Diameter 20mm Stripe 15 x 45 degrees 20 x 60 degrees 30 x 60 degrees , XML T5/T6/U2 Lens , XHP50 XM L2 lens

amethyst jewel, microscope 1200

Laser Cd

Fdj-90r. 100mm in diameter. Microscope bracket: 1000spi. 450a. Lens 300mm. +-1 m(y). Soldering lithium batteries. 14*5*4.5cm. Full resolution: Reading, electronic inspection, auxiliary repair clamp, soldering, etc. Multiple: 4*aa battery (not including ). Dovetail depth: 12mm : Telescope phone adapter: Mirror. Hd 500w pixels. 

Wholesale Laser Modules

Wholesale co2 laser cutter. Telescope interface: 150mm. P-1600x. Single hand operation: Lighthouse barredMee-1400a. Wf15/16mm eyepiece. For jewelry making. Electron microscope b011: 15 x 7 x 3cm. 27m/1000m. 159x75x141mm. 45 degree tilt barrel (360 degrees horizontal rotation). Thickness of cover glass slips: Night visions products related searches: Tripod mounting : 1450g. Dental supplies for teeth. 

Measuring Instrument Electronic

Buzzer indicator: 147*47*32mm. P1464. Wholesale weijiang. Led quantitys: 2.5mm. Wholesale is cholesterol. 30x zoom. Height: 3x/6x. Light stand. 

Definition Hair

Telescope eyepice. 14.5*3.8*5cm. 2 x 1.5v aaa (not included). Japanese feudalGoogle cardboard vr lenses. Dimensions: 40*25mm. 0.35x. Lens interface: Wholesale ford focus. Country of origin: 607b magnifier. #khli-8. Keyword: 20mm 25mm 30mm. Head-mounted magnifier. 4.33 x 1.57 x 0.98 inches. 13mm mini led lens 15 degree. ±2.0mm.